Value for money

Our superfood is great value for moneyIf the demands of your lifestyle exceed your nutrition, you’ll start the day, like so many people, tired and rushed. Grab a coffee at the station, eat a sandwich when you get in to the office, and that’s your boost for the morning, right?

But swap out the quick rush of caffeine and the minimal nutrition of a bread-tastic breakfast for a healthy and delicious breakfast shake from OMNI Superfood and a piece of your favourite fruit, and not only are you setting yourself up for higher energy levels without a crash, but also saving money.

Compared to the cost of a flavoured latte and a sandwich on the go, the healthier choice is also the cheaper choice!

And let’s not even mention the overpriced, chemically-stuffed shakes of dubious effectiveness that so many of us chug down after a hard workout at the gym. The readily absorbable protein in OMNI Superfood, combined with the synergistic effects of the superfood ingredients, make it the perfect alternative.

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