OMNI Superfood for Men

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OMNI Superfood for men can assist with:

– Body Building & Muscle Tone*
– Fitness & Endurance*
– Weight Loss*

OMNI Superfood for Men contains black maca, which is especially suitable for men.
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Instructions for preparation

  • To use as a nutritional supplement for breakfast, lunch or dinner: Add 1 or 2 tablespoons of OMNI superfood to 350ml of water or coconut water,add 1 or 2 bananas and a handful of berries. Blend well & enjoy!
  • To use as a fitness, weight loss* and toning supplement: Add 1 or 2 tablespoons to water or coconut water and drink 40 minutes before and immediately after your workout. Shake well & enjoy!

OMNI Superfood For Men contains black maca, which is especially suitable for men. It can help to build stronger and sustainable muscle mass, increase endurance and libido, fix deficiencies and top up your nutrition, and promote a healthy new lifestyle*. Whether you want to train harder, recover faster, or be the sharpest guy in the office, we’ve got your back.

Bodybuilding and muscle tone

With OMNI Superfood For Men you can build not only sustainable but also healthy muscle mass*. Most conventional fitness products are based on chemicals and unnatural substances including sweeteners. Those products do bring results but also have side effects which can harm our bodies in the long term.

Plant-based proteins are much more absorbable and have no bloating effects. You will become stronger, leaner and healthier* because you are not only getting more protein but also many essential vitamins, minerals and enzymes necessary for vitality and an outstanding lifestyle.

Fitness and endurance

Maca can help to supply your bloodstream with more oxygen, which will feed nutrients faster around your body. This means you will become faster, and have more energy and stamina*.

Maca root may help protect against stress, depression and anxiety as well as fatigue and adrenal stress*.

Weight loss

Due to the very high nutritional content in OMNI Superfood your body gets higher amounts of nourishment and will start naturally searching for healthier options. You will experience feeling better than ever and when your friends tell you that you look younger you will simply want more*.

Your body will naturally adjust and will lose unnecessary weight and tone up*. And your partner will surely appreciate the new you.
OMNI Superfood will help you to change your lifestyle for the better.

* Disclaimer: Your experiences from taking superfoods may vary depending on your individual nutrition and health circumstances. We cannot guarantee any specific results.

What men say about OMNI Superfood Male Blend

Testimonials are all from verified customers, for illustrative purposes only. We cannot guarantee specific results. In the end, your own experience is what counts.


Ondrej Matej creator of OMNI Superfood
Ondrej Matej creator of OMNI Superfood


"Built on superfoods" As a nutritionist and personal trainer, I want to be an example to my clients. You don't need all these artificial ingredients the guys take in the gym. There's a tendency for guys to take lots of low-quality protein and other stuff and hope it gives them the figure they want (and never mind the health consequences). My training is built on superfoods. They give me the strength and resilience that I've now got used to. In the end, I started to sell OMNI Superfood because I know it works - I use it every day!
Ondrej Matej creator of OMNI Superfood
Paul superfood testimonial
Paul superfood testimonial


“Easier and quicker” Like most guys, I want to eat well to support my training – to gain muscle & lose fat. Of course I'm also interested in improving my health, energy, and productivity. There are a lot of superfoods you can get on the internet, so I tried to create my own superfood blend. The results were... unpredictable. OMNI Superfood is not only easier and quicker, but also more effective. It’s also much better tasting!
Paul superfood testimonial


"More balanced lifestyle" I had previously had great successes in rapidly losing weight with extreme diets, but the effects had never lasted. Then I met with Ondrej and he gave me an easy-to-follow framework with a balanced diet that includes Omni superfoods and chlorella. I wanted to increase my energy, lose weight gradually, and generally achieve a more balanced lifestyle. I can happily say that after four months of applying Ondrej's methods and using his delicious superfoods, I have more energy, less "need" for sweets and treats, and am losing weight in a way that is slow but steady. I couldn't be happier with my progress!
Michael superfood testimonial
Michael superfood testimonial


"See the benefits quickly" For me, breakfast is always a drag to find the time to fit in to a busy day and I’m the sort of person that doesn’t feel like ‘eating' first thing in the morning. Omnisuperfood is great in this respect. I can easily and quickly make it before I leave home, keep it my on my desk and it keeps me fully satisfied right up to lunch time. It stops me reaching for those mid-morning (naughty) snack cravings, which can only be a good thing! It tastes good too and you can add any different organic fruit to keep the flavour interesting. I swap fruits and juice/coconut water around so I do not get tired of the taste. It definitely assisted with my digestive system (in a good way!) and relieved bloating too. All in all, a great addition to your regular exercise and well-being regime. Give it a go - you’ll see the benefits of it quickly.
Michael superfood testimonial

Lord Strathclyde

"I feel great all day" Whenever I take Omnisuperfood I have more energy, hunger pangs stop and I feel great all day - what's more, it tastes not bad either!
Petr superfood testimonial
Petr superfood testimonial


"Simply love it" I think this is one of the best products of this kind, if not the best, on the market.

A) it really tastes great! Plus you can mix it with your favourite ingredients and it doesn't taste any worse! Blueberries, strawberries, name it! So the taste can get even better!

B) I don't have to worry about the source because someone else worry for me - organic, no GMO! That one is especially important because one of the Giants in GMO simply fights for GMO not to be labeled at all are we supposed to know what we eat great! OMNI does the research for me! 🙂

C) do I need to continue? It gives you everything you need, especially if you are active in any sport activity - you can even be a vegan and you got it all there!

Simply love it.

Petr superfood testimonial

4 reviews for OMNI Superfood for Men

  1. Peter Boyle

    I feel stronger than ever, lost some weight and have more energy.
    Thank you Omni

  2. Haydor

    Amazing guy with expertise knowledge. Massive longterm change in my life. Hayfever issues massively subsided. Thanks Ondrej

  3. Paul V.

    Amazing product, great taste and it helped me so much to gain some proper muscles! I would recommend it to anyone who trains and wants to get into a good shape. thanks very much

  4. James

    This Blend is by far the most perfectly balanced mix I have ever tasted. And being a vegan I’m always on the hunt for clean and high sources of nutrition. The ingredients are of the highest quality, resulting in such a great bodily response from using this regularly, and I have been, Feeling stronger, fitter and just generally higher levels of energy. So I would highly recommend this to anyone looking to enhance their own physical conditioning. Next level food!

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