The OMNI Superfood recipe has been tried and tested with Ondrej’s nutrition clients – ordinary people from office workers to athletes. See what they have to say below.

(Testimonials are all from verified customers, for illustrative purposes only. Like any retailer, we cannot guarantee specific results. In the end, your own experience is what counts.)

Kasia Jay superfood testimonial

“Natural vegetarian protein”
I have tried many types of protein supplement out there, but all of them caused bloating and heavy feeling in my stomach. Omni Protein Powder was the first vegan protein I have ever tried and it had no uncomfortable effects! It tasted “healthy” and gave me energy straight away!
As a natural, vegetarian protein, this is the best protein meal replacement available. I use it when I’m hungry and don’t have enough time to eat at work.
I use it when I have my taught kickboxing class with my trainer. I also use it as a flour replacement to bake my superfood protein cookies! They taste delicious!

“Definitely worth the money”
As a young woman working and studying full time, I had debilitating exhaustion. In the past, I had no energy and found it hard to manage simple things. I could not fully concentrate and I was ill nearly every two months.
Luckily, I came across this amazing product. I could not be happier with my decision to give it a try as the results are astonishing. I feel like a different person, having lots of energy, my skin is softer and I often receive compliments that I look much younger.
I make a smoothie with OMNI superfood every morning, adding one banana, a bit of berries with filtered water, and blend it all together. It tastes delicious and you can add any other organic food/fruit to keep the tastes interesting. It is definitely worth the money as we have only one health. No health no wealth. Enjoy the new life style!!!

Ondrej Matej creator of OMNI Superfood

“Built on superfoods”
As a nutritionist and personal trainer, I want to be an example to my clients. You don’t need all these artificial ingredients the guys take in the gym. There’s a tendency for guys to take lots of low-quality protein and other stuff and hope it gives them the figure they want (and never mind the health consequences). My training is built on superfoods. They give me the strength and resilience that I’ve now got used to. In the end, I started to sell OMNI Superfood because I know it works – I use it every day!

Paul superfood testimonial

“Easier and quicker”
Like most guys, I want to eat well to support my training – to gain muscle & lose fat. Of course I’m also interested in improving my health, energy, and productivity. There are a lot of superfoods you can get on the internet, so I tried to create my own superfood blend. The results were… unpredictable. OMNI Superfood is not only easier and quicker, but also more effective. It’s also much better tasting!

Superfood Testimonial Rachel Black "An end to cravings"

“An end to cravings”
The superfood blend has put an end to cravings and I am really enjoying the quality food I eat so much more. When people around start noticing a positive change in your skin radiance, your body shape and your whole mood and aura – you know you’re onto a good thing!

Carine superfood testimonial

“Healthy food is the key”
My biggest problem was sweets; before I could have lived on gummy bears, but with Ondrej’s help and omnifood every morning I managed to cut off sugar from my diet and lose weight. After 3 weeks I could see drastic results on my figure.
Ondrej’s positive and caring advice and support help me to focus on what I really wanted and how I could achieve it, even if I am still craving for sugar from time to time, now I know which fruits and vegetables can help me to get the good sugar. I have changed my snacking habits, now my skin, nails and hair are healthier and I am happier!! Healthy food is the key to an healthier body and mind, seems obvious now, but it didn’t a few months back.

Tomas superfood testimonial

“More energy!”
After trying a vegetarian, vegan and raw food diet I end up a bit confused about the right nutrition for my body. Ondrej suggested I try OM Superfood blend. Now I have a product that covers my all-day nutrition needs. I have more energy and managed to put on weight. Would definitely recommend OM blend to anyone.

Barbara superfood testimonial

“Happier, healthier lifestyle”
After spending a long time feeling lacklustre, tired and bloated with painful cramps every month, it was suggested I try the OMNI Superfood Women’s blend. I am happy to say my energy has returned, the pain and bloated feeling have disappeared, and with regular exercise my body is returning to peak condition. With the super foods I feel full all day and have no cravings because mixed with fruit, I am getting all the nutrition I need. I would definitely suggest trying it. For me it has been the catalyst for a happier, healthier lifestyle and I would not hesitate to recommend it to all my clients.

Eva superfood testimonial

“Love it!”
After searching, looking, buying, trying lots of different supplements / superfoods to keep healthy, I have been introduced to the OMNI superfood. After using it a few months now I can simply say I love it. It works really well with my body, it tastes delicious and it is a very important ingredient in my morning smoothie. Thank you Ondrej x

Julia superfood testimonial

“Definitely worth it!”
I start using OMNI super food a year and half ago and I definitely recommend it. It is worth spending the money! Being a full time student and worker, I was struggling with constant lack of energy. After trying this product I started to feel much more energetic, positive and I lost over 5 kilograms. I used to have skin problem (acne), but since I tried OMNI blend my skin got better and I do not feel uncomfortable being around people anymore. I add OMNI blend to my morning porridge or smoothie and I am enjoying it every time I have it. Not only my body has transformed from being lethargic to energetic, but my overall well-being increased. Definitely worth trying!

Michael superfood testimonial

“See the benefits quickly”
For me, breakfast is always a drag to find the time to fit in to a busy day and I’m the sort of person that doesn’t feel like ‘eating’ first thing in the morning. Omnisuperfood is great in this respect. I can easily and quickly make it before I leave home, keep it my on my desk and it keeps me fully satisfied right up to lunch time. It stops me reaching for those mid-morning (naughty) snack cravings, which can only be a good thing!

It tastes good too and you can add any different organic fruit to keep the flavour interesting. I swap fruits and juice/coconut water around so I do not get tired of the taste. It definitely assisted with my digestive system (in a good way!) and relieved bloating too. All in all, a great addition to your regular exercise and well-being regime. Give it a go – you’ll see the benefits of it quickly.

Ivona superfood testimonial

“Best combination of superfoods”
After trying many different vegan proteins/superfoods .. Omni superfoods works the best with my body … Losing cravings and giving up on midnight feast 🙂 Now I know I treat my body every day with the best combination of superfoods I need. My glowing skin, tons of energy and happy self is the proof. Thank you xx


“Full of energy”
My whole body feels healthier and reinvigorated, I am no longer bloated or tired, my candida is completely healed and I feel full of energy all the time.

Petr superfood testimonial

“Simply love it”
I think this is one of the best products of this kind, if not the best, on the market.

A) it really tastes great! Plus you can mix it with your favourite ingredients and it doesn’t taste any worse! Blueberries, strawberries, bananas…you name it! So the taste can get even better!

B) I don’t have to worry about the source because someone else worry for me – organic, no GMO! That one is especially important because one of the Giants in GMO simply fights for GMO not to be labeled at all cost…how are we supposed to know what we eat then…so great! OMNI does the research for me! 🙂

C) do I need to continue? It gives you everything you need, especially if you are active in any sport activity – you can even be a vegan and you got it all there!

Simply love it.

PMS Testimonial by Asya about OMNI Superfood

“My PMS has cleared!”
My acne was down to missing essential minerals in my diet that affected the hormones in my monthly cycle. My acne has cleared and so too has my PMS! I am eternally grateful as it has solved an issue that I deemed unsolvable, and also given me the confidence and energy that I have always wanted.

“More balanced lifestyle”
I had previously had great successes in rapidly losing weight with extreme diets, but the effects had never lasted. Then I met with Ondrej and he gave me an easy-to-follow framework with a balanced diet that includes Omni superfoods and chlorella. I wanted to increase my energy, lose weight gradually, and generally achieve a more balanced lifestyle. I can happily say that after four months of applying Ondrej’s methods and using his delicious superfoods, I have more energy, less “need” for sweets and treats, and am losing weight in a way that is slow but steady. I couldn’t be happier with my progress!

“Increased my energy”
My husband started using Omni superfoods about four months ago and I thought I would give them a try as well after he reported great results after a few weeks. I now use them regularly as a supplement to my diet. I find that the superfoods help to fill gaps that a regular diet has difficulty filling, and they really increase my energy. I definitely need less coffee!