National Breastfeeding day with OMNI Superfood

                   National Breastfeeding Week is upon us and with the constant rush of life with new-born babies, OMNI Superfood is on hand to ensure that vitamins and nutrition can be crossed off of your worry list. Delicate tasting with an almighty superfood punch, the powerhouse blends work to…

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Vegan diets, fitness, and deficiencies

A recent article by our friends at Personal Trainers London caught my eye and I had to respond. It’s about the different ways that diets free from animal foods can be lacking in some nutrients. It’s titled, a little provocatively, “Are Vegan Diets Bad for Fitness?“. Of course, I’ve been vegan myself, and as a…

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Float your way to a better you

We all know that physical and mental stress is increasing in today’s world. And it’s becoming more and more difficult to take time out of our days to relax. Well, at OMNI Superfood we believe that physical and mental health is very much related. And that’s why we’re proud to announce that we are now…

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Superfood for yogis and vegans

At OMNI Superfood we appreciate all healthy lifestyles. Yoga practitioners, vegetarians and vegans are especially quick to appreciate the benefits of a superfood lifestyle. So as we expand, we’re advertising in selected niche magazines such as Om Yoga and Vegan Life.

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Superfood cookies!

Do you love OMNI Superfood, but don’t like to take a shake with you? Would you like something you can nibble on, but which you know is doing your body good? Do you still have a bit of a sweet tooth? Then you’re very much in luck! Staying on the cutting edge of superfood technology,…

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Natural Health Magazine

Weight Loss Wonders: Natural Health Magazine

OMNI Superfood is in the current issue of Natural Health Magazine. Natural Health Magazine is a hardcopy and online magazine with a subscription of 40,000. In a section about products for weight loss, OMNI Superfood is described: Losing weight can be an overwhelming goal. But with OMNI Superfood, you can curb those cravings with their…

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Kim won the December competition on

Happy winner of our December superfood competition

Wow – our first competition on went really great! Tons of people entered for the chance to win a month’s supply of Male Superfood Blend and Female Superfood Blend. In the end, our random draw picked Kim from south London as the winner. Kim said she was “Really excited to use these OMNI Superfoods!”…

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All I want for Christmas is You

Giveaway: Win a Superfood Christmas!

If you want to win a month’s supply of our fantastic superfood – for two – then enter our giveaway now! Superfood makes the best present! You could give one to Mum and one to Dad, or keep one for you and one your partner, as you wish. The giveaway is also quite special –…

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Title for video on vegan protein sources

Best vegan protein sources for muscle gain

In this video, nutritionist and personal trainer Ondrej explains the best vegan protein sources. You don’t have to eat meat to gain muscle! If you want to build muscles on a vegetarian, vegan, or even raw food diet, you do need to know about nutrition. Especially the types of protein that you eat. If you…

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