Vegan diets, fitness, and deficiencies

A recent article by our friends at Personal Trainers London caught my eye and I had to respond. It’s about the different ways that diets free from animal foods can be lacking in some nutrients. It’s titled, a little provocatively, “Are Vegan Diets Bad for Fitness?“.

Of course, I’ve been vegan myself, and as a professional personal trainer and nutritionist, helped a lot of vegans and vegetarians eat better and get fitter, so my first thought was “No way!”.

But when I found time to read it, actually I thought it is very hard to find a piece where the writer does not take sides for the sake of it, but is rather explaining things from many different points of view.

I had to agree with much of the information provided about deficiencies. In fact, one of the main reasons why we created OMNI Superfood was to supply anyone on any diet with the optimal daily nutrition intake. Whether they eat meat or not.

The truth is that even when one is eating “healthy,” due to the agricultural soil overuse, one doesn’t get enough nutrients needed to live a great lifestyle.

In vegan and vegetarian diets – especially cooked ones when people don’t have any raw greens and fruits – there is a danger of depriving your body of what it needs to thrive. We only choose the highest quality proteins such as hemp and pea proteins. Whey and soy are not an option as we believe our customers deserve the best there is. These high quality proteins combined with other superfoods are much easier to digest.

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