Terms and conditions for Ambassadors

The affiliate relationship is entered into in goodwill; it’s automated and expected to run without hassle, but just in case, here are the Ts and Cs.

  • All applications will be subject to approval and cancellation at our sole discretion without having to provide a reason.
  • Commission is paid to the affiliate who first refers a customer who then goes on to purchase.
  • If you refer someone, and they don’t buy immediately, but buy later, within a period of 30 days, and this is successfully tracked by cookies, you will get the commission. If the cookies don’t track the sale, for example, if the customer uses a different computer, or a different account, or for any other reason including system malfunction, no commission is paid.
  • We intend to do our best to keep everything running in good order. We’re not liable if something breaks, though. We also reserve the right to cancel any account or the entire affiliate program at any time.
  • Affiliate rates may be varied by written agreement.
  • Commission is paid on completed (paid) orders only, and is void if the order is cancelled, fraudulent, or similar.
  • Ambassadors are expected to promote OMNI Superfood in an honest and non-aggressive, non-spammy way, in keeping with our style.
  • You will be paid by Paypal or another method of our choosing, 30 days after the sale payment is completed, or earlier at our discretion.
  • Shipping is not included in the percentage calculation.

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