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Vegan diets, fitness, and deficiencies

A recent article by our friends at Personal Trainers London caught my eye and I had to respond. It’s about the different ways that diets free from animal foods can be lacking in some nutrients. It’s titled, a little provocatively, “Are Vegan Diets Bad for Fitness?“. Of course, I’ve been vegan myself, and as a…

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Title for video on vegan protein sources

Best vegan protein sources for muscle gain

In this video, nutritionist and personal trainer Ondrej explains the best vegan protein sources. You don’t have to eat meat to gain muscle! If you want to build muscles on a vegetarian, vegan, or even raw food diet, you do need to know about nutrition. Especially the types of protein that you eat. If you…

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Vegans eat lots of fruit and vegetables

On the vegan lifestyle

Loads of people these days are becoming vegan; it’s as it became something of a new fashion. Whatever your reasons are, whether they’re honourably ethical, or simply to improve your health, you need to know about the gaps in the vegan lifestyle. And this is the case whether you are a raw or “cooking” vegan.…

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